Wednesday 3rd April 2013:

 10.30am Registration and coffee Hicks Building K14
  Session 1 10.50am (Chair: E. Winstanley) Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 7

 John Greenlees
 Welcome from the Head of School
  11:00 Jorma Louko
 Quantum fields in accelerated cavities: from relativistic velocities to a desktop experiment
  11:20         Hugo Ferreira
 Warped AdS_3 black holes: are they classically stable?
  11:40 Peter Millington
 Perturbative non-equilibrium thermal field theory
  12:00 Johnny Espin
 Second order fermions and unification with gravity
  12:20 Benito Juarez Aubry Detector for a massless (1+1) field: Hawking radiation without infra-red sickness
  12:40 Markus Fröb
 The good, the bad and the ugly: including matter loops in the graviton two-point function in de Sitter
 Lunch 1pm Lunch break 
 Session 2 2pm
 (Chair: C. Luebbe)
 Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 7
 14:00 Niels Warburton
 Isofrequency pairing of geodesic orbits in Kerr geometry
 Barry Wardell
 Green function approach to self-force calculations
 Anna Heffernan
 Regularization of the self-force in Kerr space-time
 Cesar Merlin
 Self-force in a modified radiation gauge for circular and eccentric orbits
 Patrick Nolan
 Electromagnetic and gravitational self-force calculations in Schwarzschild space-time
 15:40  Tea and Coffee
 Hicks Building K14
  Session 3
 4pm (Chair: John Miller)
 Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 7
  16:00 Christian Krueger
 Oscillations of maturing neutron stars
  16:20 Tim Lemon
 Numerical simulations of relativistic jets
  16:40 Stephanie Erickson
 Simulating the shattering of the neutron star crust
  17:00 John Muddle
 Multi-component numerical methods with magnetic fields
  17:20 Ian Hawke
 The nonlinear development of the relativistic two-stream instability
 Reception 6pm
  University Arms

 Thursday 4th April:

  Session 4
 (Chair: Peter Millington)
 Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 7
  09:00 Brien Nolan
 On the existence of dyons and dyonic black holes in Einstein-Yang-Mills theory
  09:20 Wahiba Toubal
 Defining mass for black holes with scalar hair in anti-de Sitter space-time
  09:40 Carsten Gundlach
 Critical phenomena at the threshold of immediate merger in binary black hole systems:  the extreme mass ratio case
  10:00 Helvi Witek
 Lighthouses in the sky
  10:20 Alan Barnes
 Vacuum space-times with a constant Weyl scalar
 Tea and Coffee
 Hicks Building K14
 Session 5
 (Chair: Timothy Clifton)
  11.00 Adam Christopherson Isocurvature perturbations and reheating in multi-field inflation
  11.20 Ana Avilez About the theoretical prior for the Brans-Dicke class at cosmological scales
  11.40 Jack Morrice Constraints on disformal couplings from the CMB temperature evolution
  12.00 Godfrey Leung Reheating in multifield inflation makes life harder for predicting observables
  12.20 Carlos Hidalgo Relativistic effects on the simulation of cosmological structure formation
  12.40 Ippocratis Saltas Asymptotically safe cosmology:  an effective description
 Lunch 1pm Lunch break
 Session 6
 2pm (Chair: Ian Hawke)
 Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 7
  14:00 Joseph Bae Modified semi-classical solutions to the Bianchi IX Wheeler-DeWitt equation
  14:20 Ellie Nalson
 Generating intergalactic magnetic fields in the early universe
  14:40 Christian Luebbe
 The cosmic-no-hair conjecture for 'almost-Bianchi' space-times
  15:00 Priscilla Canizares
 Fast Markov chain Monte Carlo for gravitational-wave parameter estimation
  15:20 Rebecca Palmer Noise modelling for atom interferometry
 Tea and Coffee
 Hicks Building K14
 Session 7
 4pm (Chair: Sam Dolan)
  16:00 Michael Fil'chenkov & Yuri Laptev
 Quantum accretion of baryons onto miniholes
  16:20 The Panel
 Presentation of prize for Best Student Talk

Sam Dolan,
1 Apr 2013, 06:50
Sam Dolan,
1 Apr 2013, 02:49
Sam Dolan,
1 Apr 2013, 06:50